Creative Consulting

We sit with you and help you to develop your out of the box campaign or event.


Event Production

We get the venue, we set the logistics, we make it happen, you decide.


Partnership Development

We know the person you are looking for, suppliers, artists and other brands.


Branding & Identity

From the conceptualisation to the actual brand, we create stories.[icon


Content Management

We develop digital marketing plans and reports while managing your social network.


Video, Photo, Design & Web Development

We have been working with several Corporate Companies and Brands, check out our Portfolio!

1. Ask & Plan

We love to listen and deeply understand the client needs. Before the beginning of any project we have a meeting where the big scope and the main objectives are analysed. After the meeting we study the present market and develop an adapted proposal with a timeline, main milestones and budget.

2. Create and Develop

As soon as the project is accepted we get our hands on the dirt. We always keep analysing and searching for ways to develop and increase the value of the project. It is always a co-creation with the client, so we love to keep our ears open to any change that is needed. All the resources are gathered and in the end of this phase we have all ready to rock!

3. Implement & Feedback

When all is ready we manage the whole project with all the involved entities. We like to be organised and focused on the accomplishment of each project, always meeting the proposed deadlines. Each implementation is different, but with the right planning goes smoothly. As soon as the project is finished we meet with the client to know the feedback and improve our methodology.

We love to mix your Brand with Art

We know and work with creatives from different areas. From music, photography, dance, theatre, drawing and any other area, let us know what you are searching for.

Find your Artist

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