Social Economy

The constitutionally established sector of social economy has contributed to social cohesion by tackling unemployment, labor instability as well as social exclusion among the most vulnerable groups. It is namely constituted by associations, cooperatives, foundations, mercies and mutualities. Learn more.


In the simplest sense, when people come together and organize around a common goal, they form a cooperative – an autonomous association of people united to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations.

What are the advantages of becoming a coopperator?


The main aim of the Arte Viral platform is to help artists and companies connect, generate opportunities and grow with an easy Opportunities section.

Any Business Cooperator can create an opportunity like “Looking for a Photographic Artist for an Exhibition during September 2020”, “Tropical Sunset DJ for events 4x a Week” or “Open Call to Visual Artists for Dance Festival 2020” and any Artist Cooperator can apply for the spot.

Each Artist Cooperator with a Verified Artist profile is able to ask for Arte Viral’s official representation to develop a proposal adapted to the entities/clients they want to contact. Through our intuitive forms all the required information is made available before contacting.

Services and Products

We all know how big commercial artists fly while edgy underground artists strive to survive on the land. At the same time, cultural entities and growing businesses struggle to find competitive prices with professional people for their creative projects. In the section Services you can find several curated Services to help in your personal and professional growth.

Both Artist Cooperators and Businesses Cooperators can apply for a Service available on the platform. In order to invite cooperation between the members every cooperator has a 30% discount over any service and product.

Through this cooperative and transparent approach, each member can make their services available for the rest of our network, cooperating to address the needs of other members and help them grow and focus on their work. We make available specifically curated services for each kind of cooperator with different prices and plans.

Make the Difference

Being a cooperator means more than giving and receiving back, it is an active act of citizenship. Everyone is free to express their wishes and ideas for a present where Artists co-create a future of social, economic and ecological justice and sustainability.

As a cooperative that acts mostly on the Portuguese territory, we intend to generate mutual help and possibility to associate with different artists and entities through online communication tools like Telegram, Facebook Groups, Whatsapp and through our e-mails, generating a structured platform where every cooperator can help and be helped.

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