Who Are We?

Arte Viral is a non-profit organisation that develops creative and cultural projects in Portugal. By strengthening the artistic community and supporting creatives, we aim to facilitate access to professional and personal development opportunities for both artists and businesses.

The Cooperative

Founded in 2015 with the support of the ES Jovem / NOS Alive scholarship Arte Viral already has a varied portfolio of activities with various public and private entities. Among others we have done projects with CASES – António Sérgio Cooperative for Social Economy, António Arroio Artistic School, Everything is New, Lisbon Zoo, Vila Franca de Xira City Hall, LX Music, Soul Fair and the Music Hall Lisbon Hostel. As a Social Economy entity we focus on meeting the needs of our members by promotin cooperation and transparency.

How can we help you?

Branding & Identity

We excel at building successful businesses, it’s part of our core. Everything starts with a meeting where we understand the client’s needs and business strategy.

Web & Content

We work with the best players in the market in the following areas: photo, video/motion, web and app development, design, content, digital marketing and copyright.

Event Production

What we love – to create a special moment for you and your community. Inaugurations, Themed Parties, Musical Events, Team Buildings or your own idea!

Project Management

We take work seriously, first we Evaluate, then we Suggest, Design, Implement, Monitor and Evaluate again. If needed we get and manage the right team for your needs.

How does it work?

1 - Are We A Match?

We are a cooperative that develops creative projects adapted to your needs. Our main areas are:

  • Consulting (Cultural Sector, Branding and Business Strategy)
  • Artistic Programming (For Venues, Regular or One-Time Events, other)
  • Creative Services (Web and App Development, Video/Photo, Design, Event Production, other)

If you have any doubts please use the General Contact Form or our WhatsApp Contact

2 - Tell Us What You Need

Write down your needs using this form.

Please be clear on what you are looking for and include as much information as possible. Usually in our projects we propose the inclusion of artists and partnerships that bring value to our projects, fulfilling your objectives with a spice of creativity.

3 - Let's Meet and Start Your Project!

Wait for us to contact you directly proposing a personal meeting.

Now that you contacted us just sit back and wait for our contact. It is really important to have some questions answered before developing a final proposal.

We are available to meet personally in Lisbon and Porto or online via Google Hangouts.

What Are You Searching For?

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